All this talk about pedophelia cover-ups in Scientology has me thinking about DeadMau5.

Update, 5/13/19: Now that I’ve been thinking about this today, I’m not just gonna publish some emails that I got from Deadmau5 alias AxeMonkey – I’m gonna write a piece that pulls together ALL the things I uncovered about him 2-3 years ago. 

This means it’s gonna take a few more days, but I think it’s worth it to put all of this into a coherent narrative, given that when I was publishing updates to my original post about my harrassment, I didn’t have the perspective to see the big Scientology picture.

(Also, “Flowerlady” David Miscavige is VERY anxious for me to publish the emails, lol! I’m gonna let him sweat for awhile. After all, I don’t have to ANY of this work, because SO MANY PEOPLE already know, lol! I do it because IT’S WHAT I DO.)

WTF is that abusive fuck up to these days? I would check his twitter or IG but I don’t want to give him the traffic 😉 He has tons of fake followers for that, plus he always talks to himself with them. What a LOSER, lol!

But SO TYPICAL of Scientology behavior IME; he will NEVER come out as a Scientologist, much less as a pedophile on the run from Quebec where he actually grew up, next to Stephan Martineau, his BFF (also an abusive pedophile).

Instead, I thought I’d share some of his emails to me.* He used the alias AXEMONKEY. I published these before, but I thought I’d highlight them since pedophelia and rape is the subject of Tony Ortega and Mike Rinder lately.

Do you know how I know DeadMau5 is a pedophile rapist, and a Scientologist? Because he accused me of being such things.

*Aaaand, you all are are gonna have to wait til later today, b/c I found about 300 emails back and forth between us, in which he does everything from accuse me of being a fag to being a pedophile to wanting to rape me to wanting to kill me. I need to group these in a sensible way, and only publish the really explosive ones.

These were back in the spring of 2017, if anyone cares (check my post I HAVEN’T BEEN ABUSIVE YOU HAVE, sorry for all the scrolling you have to do).  In my opinion, ANYONE who gives pedophile deadmau5 a venue or a paycheck should expect to be questioned, given that he is yet another Scientology front. He rapes kids, and I smoke weed (which he cries about at shows apperently, lol!!) Sounds like Scientologist behavior to me, YO.

BTW, “Joel Zimmerman”, why haven’t you ever sued me for defamation? If I was wrong about any of these allegations it would be a slam-dunk for you! You sue people left and right, eh? So why not sue me? BEACUSE YOU CAN’T, OUI OUI!**

**OUI OUI IS AN EXPRESSION IN QUEBEC FRENCH, OBVIOUSLY IT MEANS YES YES. PRONUNCIATION IS CLOSE TO “WHEY WHEY” IN ENGLISH; CAVEAT, MY FRENCH PRONUNCIATION SUCKS, LOL! I’m good at pronunciation in German and Eastern European languanges, and in Spanish, but I absolutely SUCK at continental French. I can understand and sometimes speak Quebequois***, though – my best friend in Canada was a native French speaker who grew up in a rural community beside the St. Lawrence. I knew him from summer 2008.

*** I asked my friend from high school who lived in Paris and is an expert in continental French to translate this song shortly after I moved to Canada; she had trouble. Quebec French has had hundreds of years to evolve away from the continental version. Also, Quebec French think France French are snobs who look down on them, FTR.